Copying Audio CDs

Recording Audio

Copying Data CDs

Archiving Data

MP3 Audio


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Optional (but suggested)

  • read_cdda: if you want to copy audio CDs via CD-DA
  • mkisofs: if you want to make your own data CDs, this does come bundled with cdrecord source.
  • mkhybrid: based on mkisofs, but allows production of a combined ISO9660/Rockridge/Joliet/HFS cdrom image.
  • cfs: if you want to encrypt your data CDs.
  • galette: another CD-DA audio extraction program. Will extract into WAV files.
  • sox: converts between various audio file formats
  • xaudio: MP3 audio player.
  • lame: open source MP3 audio encoder.
  • Blade Encode: alternate MP3 audio encoder.

Bundled with Solaris

  • audiorecord
  • audioconvert
  • audioplay
  • audiotool

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