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Make sure vold is NOT running. Place a data CD into the internal CD-ROM. We will copy it into a file, so again make sure you have at least 650 Megabytes of free file space. Read the CD:
dd bs=8k if=/dev/rdsk/c0t6d0s2 of=cdrom.image
Now write the image to the recorder:
cdrecord -v -dev=1,6,0 -speed=4 -data cdrom.image

If you have vold running look for the raw device under /vol, here A CD named x11r6 is in the CD-ROM. This is how to make a copy without copying to a file to disk first. Note the speed change, make sure that the CD-ROM is faster than the CD recorder. Here the internal CD-ROM is 4x so writing is at 2x.
dd bs=32k < /vol/dev/rdsk/c0t6d0/x11r6 | cdrecord -v -fs=4m -speed=2 -dev=1,6,0  -

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