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You can record via the audio line-in on the back of the SPARC. You need to use the RCA to 1/8" stereo jack cable. You place the RCA side into any line-out device, typically your stereo tape out (maybe labled record) jacks. Plug the other end into the SPARC line in, it has the circle with the arrow head on the inside. Now record from it.
audiorecord -v 40 -p line -c 2 -s 44.1k -e linear
Type CTRL-C when done, now has the digital audio in it. Now you must convert it to raw data before you place it on the CD (really just stripping the header); and you must make it an multiple of the audio block size (2352 bytes):
audioconvert -i rate=44.1k,channels=2,encoding=pcm,format=sun \
  -f rate=44.1k,channels=2,encoding=pcm,format=raw | \
    | dd obs=2352 | dd bs=2352 conv=sync of=file.cdda
Now you can place file.cdda onto a CD as described in the copying audio CDs section

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