Hunting Cuban Cigars in San Jose Costa Rica

Fake Cuban Cigars Abound

2004 Update: many of the links here don't work any more, but
to bottom line it: almost every cuban cigar is still fake,
even those sold at the upscale stores.

On a recent trip to San Jose, Costa Rica I noticed that there were Cuban cigars for sale at many souvenir and tourist shops. The biggest proliferation seemed to be 5-packs of Montecristo #4's, but there were Cohibas and Romeo Y Julitas as well. Every one of them I found at these type of places were counterfeits, so beware.
A June 8, 1997 Sunday magazine of "La Nacion" newpaper story reported that thses places have the genuine articles: Another article on cigar bars ran October 8, 1998 and lists these establishments as having real cuban cigars:
Even these places can have fakes as well, and here's the problem. There is no officially licensed importer, distributor, retailer, nor marketer of Cuban cigars in Costa Rica. Therefore not a single one was purchased directly from any Cuban factory. They are all imported via individuals not related to any authorized agency. This explains two things -- first the plague of phonies and second the high cost, there's at least two or three extra profit margins included in those prices.
I have visited these places, they looked much better than the tourist traps but here's my opinion:
See some fake boxes bought in San Jose
So you must learn how to spot the counterfeits:
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Also if you are looking for Costa Rica's best cigars, "Bahia Gold" you will not find them at all in Costa Rica, they're for export only. They are made in a "Free Zone" so no local taxes are paid on them and therefore they must be exported. They are also made of Nicaraguan tobacco (and probably rolled by Nicaraguans).